Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Garage Bar is Fully Functional

The Brass Monkey is now fully functional! The keezer is working beautifully, as is the newly installed recycled draft tower and faucets. I even found a ledge boxed up in the corner of the garage that looks great on the wall. Now I must turn to aesthetics, because the TV and shelving unit it sits on is UGLY and the lighting is rather poor. (If you've been to visit lately, the Clapper experiment was a failure. My poor Clapper was much too eager to please, and was constantly registering anything from the blip of a nintendo game to my own voice as a clap. Therefore, throughout a conversation the lights would repeatedly turn off or on. I knew there had to be some defect in the genius of the Clap!)

Here are some pics to show off the new space.


  1. Awesome! You're so cool, Alexy!!!

  2. Thank Carol!

    Good eye, Mike. Those forward seal faucets are the bomb. As you would guess, I don't pull those taps super often, so if they were the economy versions, there would be a mild problem with sticking. Glad I shelled out a little more to get the good ones.

  3. We should stain the bottom of the bar the same color as the ledge. That would look so good! Summer project? =)

  4. yep -- the perlicks are on my want list. Very nice.