Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bar Counter is Done!

So, after much thinking and little action, my dad finally got the garage bar project rolling. He asked me point blank if I wanted to go pick up some wood and build the bar counter, so I couldn't say no. With just an idea of the design in my mind, we headed to the lumber yard and looked at some wood. Pencilling the design on the side of a 2x4, we were able to estimate how many pieces of 4x8 plywood and 2x4's we'd need to put it together. Miraculously, and quite apart from our normal M.O., we actually bought the right lumber and cut and assembled the counter without errors! Yet another confirmation that God wants my bar to happen!

Though we do produce some rather comical mistakes at times, my dad and I are good partners in DIY-together we've painted an entire house, demo'd interior walls, fixed numerous minor plumbing problems, and survived one very badly planned tree-trimming episode.

I'll post the design instructions for the counter soon, but for now, check out our handywork below!

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