Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Keezer Collar Finished

What I thought would be one of the harder tasks in building my home bar turned out to be pretty easy in the end. The collar that needed to be built for the keezer (that's right, "keg" + "freezer" = "keezer" for the mathematically inclined) has come together nicely, once again aided by my dad's woodworking skills.
As you can see, the reason for the collar is so that one doesn't need to drill a hole in the side of his freezer. That may or may not even be possible, given the fact that the sides are normally full of the coolant tubing, but either way it's much better to just build a little collar.
Due to the fact that it'll be cold inside, and there's some condensation, I chose a beautiful redwood for this project. Redwood apparently doesn't shrink or expand as much as other woods when it gets wet, plus it looks rad.

Here you can see the whole inside setup. The hole on the left is for the beer lines to go out and up into the draft tower. The CO2 tank is hooked up to the distributor on the right, which then distributes pressure to the kegs.

To finish off the collar, I need two more things: a thick coat of polyurethane and some weather stripping to attach the collar to the keezer. In the photo of the distributor above, you can see the weather stripping caulk I used to stop the gap and affix the collar. A lot of people who make one of these collars are using liquid nails or some other super sticky substance. I'm lucky to have been given some better advice. This weather stripping stuff is slightly sticky and super pliable, even in extreme cold. That means that it makes a nice, air-tight seal, but can also be removed if need be. Here's what I'm talking about:

This is the polyurethane I used. I slapped like 5 coats on that thing in one day. Super. Easy.


  1. Whoo! Go, Alex! That looks really great - such a pretty finish. Dude, you're super handy...you wanna come work on some stuff at my place? I have these floors that need some work... ;)

    Can't wait to see how it all comes together. Thanks for sharing.

  2. they should call it rad-wood... okay, maybe not.

  3. Thanks Carol!

    Paul, don't doubt yourself--that was an awesome idea. From now on, I will refer to it exclusively as radwood.

  4. Nice job.
    Does the collar stay in place with the weight of the lid when open?
    Is it just the weatherstrip holding it down?