Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sweet Hook-ups for the Bar

Last weekend my sister and brother-in-law, with their two sons, visited from Northern California. It was a great time, bbqing and visiting, trying to keep the boys from knocking each other out with oranges in the backyard.

As a donation to the bar, my bro-in-law gave me a beer sign from a very nice craft brewery, Firestone Ales. I was completely surprised and am very grateful. It will look amazing on the wall of the Brass Monkey. I believe he had said he picked it up at a silent auction fundraiser. Check it out!

My BIL and the awesome light:

My nephew and I, serving up some very weird tasting root beer.

(And yes...his brother IS playing Contra on the 'tendo in the background. You know you're jealous.)


  1. My family is famous!! :)

    ok, I need to drink a beer and get my face on here when I visit in July!