Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ent Draught

I first brewed this pale ale about a year ago, formulating the recipe based on some IPA recipes I had seen around the internets. Something about the combination of hops and ratios of grains scored a hit, and now I'm brewing it for the fourth time. The ale pours very light in color, with a slight biscuity-sweet malt flavor providing the background for a powerful punch of resiny, floral hop flavor and aroma.
Named after the powerful draught that Treebeard has brewed in the depths of the forest from the waters of the mountain springs on Methedras, you can sip this and see if you grow any taller!

Ent Draught - 5 gallons

10# British Pale Malt

1/2# Crystal 10L

1# Munich Malt

1/2# Wheat Malt

.5 oz Columbus (14.2%) for 40 min

.5 oz Centennial (9.9%) for 10 min

.5 oz Columbus (14.2%) for 10 min

1 oz Centennial (9.9%) for 1 min

.5 oz Columbus (14.2%) for 1 min

dry hop 7 days in a secondary with .5 oz Centennial and .5 oz Columbus

Safale S-05 dry yeast

OG: 1.060
FG: 1.012
SRM: 7
IBU: 41

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