Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Brass Monkey

The Brass Monkey Brewpub is my own home bar, being built in my garage and serving my homebrewed ale and homemade cider. Having homebrewed for over four years, I started the project of building a little bar when my wife gave me a personalized bar sign and suggested I make a little bar space.

I've always had an interest in repurposing/recycling materials and items, as well as improvised building, so this was the perfect opportunity! The blog will record some of the projects that go into making the bar functional and fun.

Also, if the idea of homebrewing is new to you, I'll be posting some simple how-to's and links to great informational sites. I'll also be posting my latest recipes and showing how easy and inexpensive homebrewing can be.

Welcome! Thanks for looking!


  1. I love that sign! Good one, Irene!

  2. I bought it from theperfectsign.com. It was quite reasonably priced, actually! =)

  3. This blog is badass. A must read for the occasional beer drinker to the hardcore beer geek.

  4. Victoria...it's named after the awesome draft beer tower I found at the swapmeet. It's an old brass one with 3 faucets sticking out. Brass Monkey is also, incidentally, the name of an awesome Beastie Boys song.

  5. Looks awesome dude. We shall come check it out soon.